Fitness Kickboxing & Weight Loss Training



Sign up for the COBRA Fit™ and get into the best shape of your life! Fun, exciting and effective 45 minute small group workouts combining  Fitness Kickboxing, Stretching, Strength & Conditioning Training. A COBRA Fit Instructor leading every class and constant coaching throughout supported with a complete nutritional program.

This is not the “flavour of the day” workout or typical gym fitness program. It’s a “fighter’s workout” minus the sparring where you don’t have to get hit, but you do get results. A key ingredient for success is that you have a trainer in every class rooting for your success. Mimicking the way a fighter trains, you can maximize your results in a short amount of time. C.O.B.R.A.™ Fit is a fun, exciting and efficient way to get in the best shape of your life!

Burn Calories & Fat!

Kickboxing classes are conducted on industry standard fitness kickboxing bags with high tempo music in the background. Our COBRA FIT Instructors lead the entire class by calling off every combination and making sure you stay motivated. There are plenty of breaks and if you are tired you can take a personal break, grab some water, then get back on the bag when you feel refreshed.

Build Solid Muscle!

Strength training are instructed with fitness resistance bands for the ultimate workout experience. Instructors teach every upper and lower body workout and count every repetition. The days of needing weights and still not really knowing what to do are over, we do the work for you.

Choose your training sessions based on your individual requirements!

Choose  how many training sessions you want to do in a week – up to 5 time slots available per week!

You may also opt to complete the COBRA Fit™ 10 Week Fitness & Weight Loss Program.