Kids Training

1 Day Self-Defense Survival Course for Kids @ R 1200.00 pp BOOK HERE!

As parents we are constantly worrying about the safety of our children. Are they able to defend themselves against bullies? Will they be able to recognize inappropriate behaviour by adults? Will they be able to physically defend themselves against abduction? Will they tell me if something is wrong?  Will they be able to deal with violent situations at school, in the mall, on their way home?


Here are several facts that we do not like to admit are true but we cannot deny:

  • Most attackers will not be hurt by simple kicks or punches from children ages 6-12
  • Children are soft targets and easy prey
  • Self defense courses are not required during general or higher education/schooling. (However Art & Home Economics are.)
  • Cell phones are useless in saving a child. 99% of victims cannot retrieve and/or complete a call during a dangerous situation.

Our 1 Day Kids Self-Defense Survival Course comes from many years of study and training, along with a dose or two of common sense, to create the ultimate in child safety & self defense. During the one day  camp, children participate in the following:

  • Anti-abduction
  • Home Invasion
  • Communication Drills
  • SAE IT Drills (Scream Attack Escape)
  • Circle Of Security
  • Simulated 10111 Calls
  • Advanced Child Special Striking
  • Escape from various holds, chokes & grabs
  • Bully & Confidence Scenarios
  • Apply Their Skill Against Bad Guys (Scenarios)

Your child will have the ability to deal with just about any situation the may be faced with. You will have the peace of mind that you invested in the best available course which was developed by  former law enforcement, corrections and child psychology practitioners.



Teen Safe Course @ R 1 200.00 pp BOOK HERE

Teenagers are exceptionally vulnerable to social and criminal attack due to the fact that they are generally very impressionable and naive to real world violence.

A major threat for teenagers is their pre-occupation with technology. All too often personal safety takes a back seat due to checking social media, texts and e-mails.



The teen demographic often make decisions based on group acceptance instead of what is really the best course of action for them.

Teenagers mostly believe that they will be kept safe by technology/apps or the police. This leads them letting down their guard and makes them particularly vulnerable. As with most demographics, teenagers have little to no personal safety/REAL self-defense training.

To increase their vulnerability even more, teenagers are highly occupied by school, sports and extracurricular activities which makes self-defense training a low priority. Our Teen Safe Program will equip them to face this particular vulnerable time of their lives with confidence and you as parent will have peace of mind that you did your ultimate best to equip and prepare them.