1. Easy to learn system that anyone can do regardless of age, fitness level and gender;
  2. Not bound by traditions and there are no foreign languages or strange uniforms;
  3. Teaches true self defense based on  experience gained and lessons learned  in real life law enforcement situations and within the requirements of the law;
  4. Scenario training makes each class very exciting and unpredictable whilst at the same time preparing students to apply what they have learned in a real life situation under various conditions against single and multiple attackers;
  5. During each lesson drills are incorporated where students develop fitness and the required motor skills where the body learns how to automatically execute physical techniques;
  6. Covers a variety of topics including the psychology of self defense and not only physical techniques;
  7. Variety of courses to choose from based on your required needs and available time. Courses range from seminars, 1 day academies, 5 week academies, 10 week academies to long term classes;
  8. Knowledgeable and certified instructors who actually have real life training and job experience in law enforcement/personal security;
  9. No competitions, trophies, championship belts, ego trips and quasi military type instructors.
  10. Value for money training.