Self Defense Training Course Teach Pre-Attack Indicators

In the C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Training Course for Adults you not only learn physical self defense skills but most importantly you learn how to recognize pre-attack indicators before the attack happens. This allows you the opportunity to escape the situation before it escalates and also to prepare your defense should escape not be possible.  

Violent Attack

The following tips comes from our Self-Defense Training Course for Adults

SCENARIO: You are confronted by an aggressive person at your local  social gathering place after you accidentally bumped into him/her. He/she wants to take it to the next level- a physical fight. Here are some common indicators that the person is aggressive and probably contemplating a fight or preparing to attack:

1)      Aggressive stare

2)      Verbal challenge i.e. “What are you looking at?”

3)      Swearing

4)      Repetitive statements i.e. ” You spilled my beer!” “You spilled my beer!” “You spilled my beer!”

5)      Hands downward, arms spread out to the sides with palms turned towards you and chest pushed forward excessively.

6)      Using the above posture and walking up to you and putting his forehead against yours

7)      Faking headbutts, punches or slaps

8)      Pushing against your chest with his chest or hands

9)      Establishing balance by placing the dominant leg backwards

10)   Clenching fists

11)   Uncontrolled shaking of hands

12)   Increased rate of breathing

13)   Flushing (turning red) of face and neck

14)   Uncontrolled trembling of upper lip or jaw

15)   Blading body (turning body so that strong arm is at the back)

16)  Concealing dominant hand in pocket (may be a weapon in pocket)

17)  Getting the dominant hand ready to attack by feigning scratching of the nose or  rubbing back of the head

18)  Slow and deliberate removing of jewelry

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