5 Tips To Keep You Safe While Holiday Shopping – C.O.B.R.A. Defense News Feature

Expert Self-Defense Tips For Holiday Shopping


Parking Lot Safety-Lock and Relocate

This is a simple strategy we teach in COBRA that keeps people safe in parking lots. It’s impossible to be aware of your surroundings with your head down checking your smarts phone. We shared this and many other strategies with the news when they called us for a story.


Think about how you shop. You probably have your purse, your shopping bags and you are probably on your cell phone, too. It’s how most women shop. You are focused on the deals and not on the people that could be shopping for you.

Chris Sutton founded C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense Systems. He went shopping with 10News producer Alexa Davies.  He watched as she walked to her car, bags in hand, purse across her body as she checked her Facebook feed. Sutton says to a criminal she would be an easy target.

You got a lot of gifts in your hand, but one of the most dangerous things in your hand is your cell phone, Sutton said.

His first piece of advice: Keep your eyes up when you are shopping in the store and walking to your car. Do not use your phone.

The second mistake Sutton says Davies made was not having her keys ready. Sutton says it can take anywhere from 30 to 45 seconds to get them out. He recommends doing that before you leave the store. Once you get to your car, lock and relocate.

Have the keys ready, get in the car, lock and relocate. I mean bags in, get in, lock and move. ”

He says you should always ask a store employee for help if you have a lot of stuff or you just don’t feel comfortable getting to your car.

When you’re walking out: Head up, off your phone, keys ready and if you have a ton of stuff ask for help, Sutton advised.

Another security tip he added is something that women can use all year long: do not have your purse over your shoulder. He recommends holding it and any shopping bags in front of you. Sutton says if you do that a criminal will have to confront you directly and if they grab your stuff you can simply let go and run.

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