Life Saving Anti-Abduction Techniques

Abduction is a common occurrence in modern society. Criminals may have different motives to perform these crimes. Some examples include human trafficking, extortion & perversion. Children are highly vulnerable targets. Not only do they tend to be naive but they also lack the physical strength to successfully fight off a fullgrown attacker with simple punching and kicking techniques.

The first line of defense against abduction is to practise good situational awareness and to be able to recognize pre-attack indicators in order to avoid becoming a victim. It is also critical to seek practical reality based self-defense training to learn effective techniques to get out of the most common grabs, chokes and holds used by abductors.

Sometimes it is not possible to completely avoid attacks and you may find yourself ambushed.

In any abduction scenario the most important thing to do (besides getting into the situation in the first place) is not to be moved from a known place to an unknown place. Once you are inside that vehicle, you are at the mercy of the abductor. As long as you remain outside the vehicle you have a better chance to escape or to draw so much atttention that it becomes too dangerous for the bad guy to continue with his/her plans.

Here are some tried and tested techniques that may save your life: