Bloemfontein C.O.B.R.A. Parking Lot Safety

  • Park close to destination, well lit if possible
  • Avoid parking around blind corner on the sides of businesses.
  • Lock car immediately when entering or exiting
  • Watch big vehicles blocking yours, this will hide an attack.
  • Move fast, keep your head up and carry yourself with confidence.
  • You are most vulnerable going in/out of the car.


Cell phone use i.e. calls & texts

Adjusting mirrors

Applying make up

Fiddling around

  • Be extra aware if loading a child or groceries,
  • Realize what you look like, are you a soft target?
  • Avoid pulling notes off windshields; move car to a new location.
  • If you are summoned by a stranger, do not get out or roll down the window, rather  drive off.
  • Know and understand the anti-abduction techniques taught in the COBRA Self-Defense System.
  • Use vehicles and shopping carts as obstacles in the event you are approached.
  • When in doubt, walk out with someone.
  • Vehicles with occupants that have not moved that are sitting close to you should be avoided.
  • Use any and all objects as weapons.