C.O.B.R.A. Featured For Female Self-Defense: Do You Need Self-Defense If You Have A Weapon?

I Don’t Need Self-Defense , I Have A Weapon

10 News featured C.O.B.R.A. along side of a weapons for females story. It was to show the effectiveness of certain weapons disguised as everyday objects.  The effectiveness of most weapons relies on a few factors.



  • How often do you train with it?
  • Can you get it out in time
  • Can you use it under extreme stress?
  • Can you hold on to it if someone tries to take it?


Real Self-Defense Does not Have To Be Concealed and No Permit Is Necessary

Weapons are great and can stop a criminal in their tracks. The challenge for most is the over reliance on a weapon to effectively protect them and their family. The best formula is to have actual empty hand self-defense skills with the addition of a weapon, that you are very good with. Law Enforcement often find victims badly beaten or worse clinging to their weapon.


Here is The Full News 10 WTSP Story