C.O.B.R.A. Fighting Systems For Kids

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Modern Martial Arts For Kids

C.O.B.R.A.™ Fighting Systems combine kickboxing, boxing and reality self-defense into an effective modern martial arts system for children. It equips them with practical skills to stay safe in today’s unpredictable world. Unlike traditional martial arts, we focus on real-world protection rather than katas, traditions, or competitions. Our program offers physical, mental, and verbal techniques developed by experts in child education and psychology. Kids attend two classes weekly, earning class credits for advancement. When they reach the required number of class credits, they can even aim for a CFS Black Belt.  Sign your child up today!

What Children Learn In C.O.B.R.A.™ Fighting Systems

  • Threat Recognition 
  • Conflict Avoidance Tactics For Kids
  • Verbal Skills To Talk Themselves out of a Situation
  • Striking, Kicking & Defenses For Kids
  • Escapes from Chokes, Holds & Grabs
  • Ground Defense Tactics
  • Defense Against Kidnapping / Child Trafficking
  • Safety on Dates
  • How to respond to Bullying
  • Dealing with Social Media Bullying
  • Kickboxing Fitness Drills For Kids
  • Reality Scenario Training & Role Playing

and much more!

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More Than Just Self-Defense

COBRA For Kids

Not only will your child be learning valuable life-saving skills, but with this modern martial arts for kids curriculum, your child will also experience :

  • Improved fitness,  flexibility, strength and coordination
  • Better mental focus & concentration
  • Aggression relief
  • Improved problem solving abilities
  • Enhanced ability to make decisions under stress
  • Make new friends who share the same interests
  • Enjoy a sense of belonging

When Self-Defense Is a Must, Nothing Else Will Do

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