COBRA FIT Kickboxing & Weight Loss Instructor

Get Your Piece of The $78 Billion Fitness Industry

C.O.B.R.A. Fit is a comprehensive self-defense-based fitness program ready to attract clients to your facility.


Start Growing Your Fitness Business Now

Deliver to your clients a “fighter’s workout” that anyone can do and that covers cardio, strength, nutrition and motivation in one fun program.


Why C.O.B.R.A. FIT™ Training Works So Well

Comprehensive and doable.

First, the C.O.B.R.A. FIT™ course delivers the goods. It combines fitness kickboxing, resistance training, flexibility and a sound nutritional program to get your clients in the best shape of their lives. It is also doable. The course is only 10 weeks. Practically anybody can stay focused on fitness for at least 10 weeks.

Group support.

But the real reason the C.O.B.R.A. FIT program is so successful is the people involved. When your clients start the 10 week program they are not doing it alone. They start with up to 50 other participants that are going on the same fitness journey. Clients will have non-stop coaching by professional instructors and every single class is given by a certified instructor.

Oh, and it’s fun too.

Start Growing Your Fitness Business Now


What You’ll Be Able To Offer Your Clients

Offer your clients a challenging and exciting workout system that addresses all of the major components of fitness: cardiovascular exercises, strength and resistance training, and nutrition as well as the the motivation levers to help them reach their goals.

  • A guaranteed workout lead by an instructor
  • Full fitness kickboxing classes burning 800-1300 calories per session
  • Strength training classes that tone and define
  • Flexible class schedules
  • Goal setting evaluations to make sure they get results
  • Non-intimidating atmosphere
  • Comprehensive and simple nutritional plan
  • Detailed workout/nutritional manuals

Online Instructor Certification Training

  • View the Online Training System on all aspects of teaching the COBRA Fit™ program, including Video Tutorials.
  • View Marketing Video Tutorials.
  • 24/7 Access to the Teaching and Marketing Materials.
  • Complete and Comprehensive Online Testing.
  • Instructor/Marketing Operations Manual (digital download and hard copies mailed to you).
  • Startup brochures and student books PLUS instructor packet mailed to you with instructor t-shirts.
  • Goal Setting Book Series – great for motivation and marketing (digital download).
  • Over 150 royalty-free fitness pictures for additional ad creation and social media marketing.
  • Video or Phone Conference scheduled to answer questions and get started fast.
  • 30 start-up combinations in the Instructor Manual.
  • COBRA Fit™ start up ads for print, emails and social media, plus official logo for starting fast (digital).
  • Upon completion, receive your official COBRA Fit™ Certificates and Instructor T-Shirts.
  • and much more.

COBRA Fit™ Certification Package Mailed to You

Once you complete the COBRA Fit™ Instructor Certification Training and pass the online tests, we will mail you your official COBRA Fit™ Instructor Certification, and your other official COBRA Fit™ material.

COBRA Fit™ License

The monthly COBRA Fit™ Licensing Fee allows you to use the COBRA Fit™ name and continued access and use of all the provided COBRA Fit™ materials, as well as support from COBRA™ creator, Chris Sutton.

Instructors agree to pay the monthly licensing fee for 12 months. After the initial 12 months, the license agreement is month-to-month.

COBRA Fit™ Marketing System

Once you complete the COBRA Fit™ instructor certification training and pass the online tests, get up and running fast with marketing materials such as social media resources, up-sell letters, sample email letters, online and print advertisements, brochures, custom website, as well as COBRA Fit™ branding materials like logos, t-shirt designs, certificate designs and much more that are downloadable from your account, 24/7.

Not only do we provide the tools, we also provide comprehensive information about when and how to market, use of social media and more. We will also send you a physical package in the mail of COBRA Fit™ marketing material.

Direct Support from COBRA™ International Headquarters

We are serious about providing great support. You will have access to COBRA Fit™ Creator, Chris Sutton, with his direct phone number and email. Talk with Corporate directly to get your questions answered.

Exclusive Territory

Secure your exclusive COBRA Fit™ Training Facility territory. No other COBRA Fit™ Training Facilities will be granted access to your territory for as long as you remain a licensed COBRA Fit™ Training Facility. Your territory is a 5-mile radius from your base location (except in very rare cases of especially densely populated areas such as Manhattan, NYC, for example.)

24/7 Training & Video Access

After your COBRA Fit™ certification is complete, you will continue to have 24/7 access to all training videos and online material for as long as you are a licensed COBRA Fit™ Facility.

Get Listed as an Official COBRA Fit™ Facility

Get listed as an official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility on the official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility Locator and elsewhere.

Wholesale Merchandise Discounts

As an official COBRA Fit™ Training Facility you will get wholesale pricing for COBRA Fit™ merchandise which you can sell to your students.