Corporate Training

Do your employees know how to protect themselves against a violent criminal attack? By investing in an empowerment strategy for your employees, you can go so much further in forging new relationships and cementing existing ties.

Our uniquely structured self-defense awareness seminars and practical self- defense training courses will assure you of a lasting impression on your staff, clients and other relevant stakeholders.




We offer a variety of training options to corporate clients based on the unique requirements of each client. Our training may be structured as:

  • Awareness Seminars (1-hour in duration)
  • Practical Self-Defense Training (2-4 hours in duration)
  • Team Building
  • Real Estate Agent Safety Training
  • Active Shooter Response Training
  • Protection Specialist Self-Defense Training for Security Personnel

We travel world wide to provide corporate self-defense training. Call us today to discuss your training requirements!


As the leading global self-defense brand, we have successfully rendered training services to large corporate brands in all types of industries ranging from mining companies to cruise ships. Our client list include: