Corporate Icons Train Their Employees in Self-Defense to Improve Productivity

Industry Icons are never contempt with the status quo. The superstars of the corporate world explore new ideas and concepts to improve the way they operate and improve their performance. They understand that employee wellness is a key factor to ensure their success. Happy employees reduce staff turnover, are more productive and improves profitability. Industry trendsetters do what is necessary to ensure that employees are mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. These companies understand that by providing employees with benefits like wellness programs, insurance, training, shares in the company and a healthy and safe work environment, they are investing in their own future as a company.

Keeping employees happy is actually quite straight forward. Firstly, their basic needs need to be met. The most important need of all humans is physiological – food, water, air. The second most important need is security. Security is divided into safety of the body, employment, resources, morality, the family, health and property. According to Maslow, humans need to feel safe in each of these areas in order to enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. When you think about it, this makes great sense. If employees don’t feel secure, their levels of negative stress are increased. The physiological and psychological effects of stress have been shown to have negative consequences on a person’s health and wellbeing. So, why not proactively do something to enhance your employee’s feelings of personal security? Many employer thinks having a security guard on duty will make employees feel safe and meet their security needs. Relying on somebody else (the Security Guard) to keep you safe does not improve an employee’s sense of personal security as they have no control over how that person will “protect” them. And what if they get attacked on their way to work or when going home when the Security Guard is not there?

A Quality Reality Based Self-Defense Training Program which forms part of a well-structured corporate wellness program contribute in the following ways to enhance employees’ feelings of personal security:

  1. Employees who are capable of protecting themselves are more confident, which directly affects their level of performance and helps to increase self-esteem. Confident people tend to be more able to overcome obstacles and get the job done.
  2. Employees who feel safer are less prone to the debilitating effects of stress. Stress is the number one factor in many illnesses and a leading cause of workplace accidents. The increased confidence, coupled with an increased sense of calm, can mean a long-term cost savings for an employer. Without the burden of stress-related paralysis, employees are more energetic, quick-thinking, and relaxed – making them more productive members of your organization.
  3. Self-defense training has been shown to improve employee discipline, morale and enhance teamwork. One employee’s feelings of weakness, social anxiety and concern for his/her personal safety, can cause stress on an entire team.
  4. Self-defense training improves problem solving skills. If self-defense training includes reality-based scenario training where employees need to think and reason to survive, they learn how to analyze problems and think strategically.
  5. Employees feel that the company really cares for them. Companies providing self-defense training to keep employees safe on and off the job demonstrate that they really care for the employees. The employees may even transfer their new knowledge and skills to their families who may all benefit from the training provided by the employer. This makes an employee feel valued and if an employee feels valued by an employer which meets their need to be loved and belong.

As the leading global self-defense brand,C.O.B.R.A.™ SELF-DEFENSE SOUTH AFRICA  have successfully rendered corporate self-defense training services to large corporate brands in all types of industries ranging from mining companies to cruise ships. Our client list include:


This is what some of our corporate clients have to say about our training:

Arina Engelbrecht, Wellness Specialist, University of the Free State On behalf of the Organisational Development and Employee Wellness team, we would like to express our appreciation for the COBRA presentation on Self Defence. The feedback after the presentation was excellent. Your energy and enthusiasm made the presentation worth attending, and definitely will make a difference on our awareness”. 

Elise Stone, Area Manager Free State and N Cape, AVIS BUDGET RENT A CAR, BloemfonteinI just wanted to say a huge big thank you for taking the time to come and see us today.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and it was extremely informative. We look forward to doing something similar in the future. Much appreciated.”

Dolf Scheepers, Chief Operating Officer, Thorburn Security Solutions  “Great to be associated with C.O.B.R.A. Defense South Africa. They understand our industry and our corporate client needs. Well done to our officers who had a most enjoyable day doing something different but also developing and improving skills. This is part of the Thorburn DNA which we developed over 17 years”.

Buntu Magobiyana, Social Development Co-ordinator: Biodiversity Social Projects, South African National Parks, George  “Thank you for a wonderful training session and for making such a serious subject a lot of fun. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Michelle Schmidt, Area Manager, Medical Nutritional Institute, Pretoria “We had a lovely time. Our CEO was very impressed with you and your team. Thank you again.”  

Anita Pretorius-Booysen, PAREXEL, Bloemfontein “Thank you Leon & Yolanda, PAREXEL staff enjoyed the sessions a lot! I think this will be the main topic of all conversations for a long time.”

Marie Dumas Jennings, Centurion Eye Hospital, Pretoria “Thank you so much for the self-defense training today at Centurion Eye Hospital. It was a big eye opener.”


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