Corporate Self Defense Training

Award Winning Corporate Self-Defense Training

Join the ranks of major local and international blue chip companies by empowering your employees with life-saving knowledge and practical self defense skills. Our uniquely structured Corporate Self Defense Training Workshops will assure you of a lasting impression on your staff, clients and other relevant stakeholders.

C.O.B.R.A. Corporate Self Defense Training Workshops can be tailored for specific occupations such as security personnel, estate agents and sales representatives. Corporate Self Defense Training can range anywhere from brief lectures/seminars on enhancing awareness with no physical training, all the way to full-blown programs that include awareness training along with comprehensive training in specific and necessary physical self defense skills.

This training can be presented anywhere in the world by our Internationally Certified Corporate Self-Defense Instructors. 

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Corporate Self Defense Training Saves Lives

"On behalf of the Organisational Development and Employee Wellness team, we would like to express our appreciation for the COBRA presentation on Self- Defense. The feedback after the presentation was excellent. Your energy and enthusiasm made the presentation worth attending, and definitely will make a difference in our awareness"
Atina Engelbrecht
Arina Engelbrecht
Wellness Specialist, University of the Free State

Corporate Self DefenseTraining Course

Empower your staff with the very best self-defense training which will equip them with the knowledge and skills to deal with the most common unarmed and armed attacks. Typical courses are 2-3 hours in duration  and participants learn:

Lecture Topics

  • Situational Awareness, Criminal Intent
  • Threat Recognition, Threat Levels
  • What Works & What Doesn’t
  • Strategies To Avoid Becoming A Victim
  • Everyday Weapons For Defense
  • Survival Mindset: What It Takes

Interactive Reality Training

  • Stances & Movement
  • Striking & Defenses
  • Escapes from wrist grabs, chokes & bear hugs 
  • Ground defense & rape prevention
  • Defense against weapons like guns & knives
  • Hijack and Kidnapping Prevention
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Corporate Self Defense Awareness Seminars

Our primary focus with the Corporate Self Defense Awareness Seminars is to teach your employees non-physical conflict-avoidance and threat mitigation techniques. Awareness Seminars can be done in-person or online.

During a 1-Hour Seminar, your team will learn:

  • The various types of  attackers
  • How attackers select victims
  • The 3-part secret formula attackers always control  
  • The 3-STEP process to become hard target
  • How to react when confronted by hijackers, armed robbers, rapists, abusive spouses and many other types of attackers
  • Verbal conflict de-escalation skills
  • What works and what does not
  • How to use every day items as improvised weapons 

Corporate Team Building

Can you imagine that your customer service manager is robbed at an ATM, you have a home invasion, and your entire team has an active shooter situation all in the same day? Even more, everyone is laughing about it? This is not a bad dream. It’s the amazing COBRA-Defense Team Building experience.

COBRA-Defense Team Building is jaw dropping, eye opening, and loads of fun. It requires no athletic skills or special experience. Best of all, the skills your team will learn could very well save their lives.

Have loads of fun while learning self defense skills

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