Netsurit ladies learn to protect themselves!

Netsurit is  a premium provider of Managed Services, Cloud Services and IT Infrastructure Services.  They believe in their  proven premise that a happy company is a healthy company and  their aspiration is to create a culture where personal life and the workplace are inextricably linked and there’s a safe space to talk openly about what you want to achieve. In line with this vision, Netsurit appointed Popcorn People to source a premium self-defense training provider to facilitate  self-defense awareness sessions with their female employees as part of their national Women’s Day Festivities hosted in Sunninghill. They arranged several activities for the day ranging from self-defense training to CPR training, 30 minute meal preparation course all the way to how to select a wardrobe to suit your unique body type and personality.


In spirit with the festive nature of the event, C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense South Africa presented the ladies with information on how to protect themselves in a fun and interactive format. The ladies learned how common “advice”  they receive from  the media, internet searches and friends do not always work against fullgrown male attackers and how it is actually quite difficult to hit a male attacker in the groin as is commonly advised to do. Being a women’s day event, the ladies really dressed up for it and it was demonstrated how stiletto heel shoes can be a very good self-defense weapon when used againt the correct vulnerable target area. The ladies learned how long manicured nails can be used as weapons in typical rape situations  and how they can use their Latte Coffee as a weapon when attacked.

C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense South Africa offer a variety of self-defense training options to clients in the corporate sector ranging from seminars to fullblown physical training courses and even fun interactive teambuilding. Training can be presented anywhere in the world by our mobile training team.

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