Raging Giants-Fear and Pain

Fear and pain can serve and drive a person effectively. However without proper training, mindset, and courage, these two can destroy and paralyze a person before the outset of an actual event. Harness your daily fears – of the unknown, and those ccaused by scars from your past – and use them as fuel which enables you to overcome anything. Why would you, an individual striving to strengthen their warrior spirit, care to waste valuable seconds of your life contemplating fear and pain?

Pain and fear are one in the same. They feed each other and help each other grow. Pain is a physical response to bodily harm. Fear is an emotion in response to something that doesn’t even exist. It’s a premature reaction to an unknown circumstance. This is the equivalent of a mental prison. Your body suffers while you ponder the unknown outcome of a situation that may or may not happen.

If your worst fear comes to pass, there’s nothing you can do except deal with it. It was supposed to happen exactly like it did, or it  wouldn’t have happened like it did. Does this make sense to you? You can’t stop it. You can’t change the future or what’s supposed to be. So fear is actually a giant raging monster that we not only created but feed and keep with us at all times. This is pointless and a waste of the only life you will ever get. Focus, train your mind, and realize you can drive a sword through that monster you call fear.