Start your own SELF-DEFENSE business.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many martial arts and self-defense business owners are sinking while COBRA-Defense is soaring. Though 2019 was a record-breaking year, COBRA exceeded all of 2019 in the first six months of 2020.

According to COBRA-Defense Founder and CEO, Chris Sutton, the reason is that COBRA’s comprehensive self-defense classes online programs were already in place long before the pandemic. So, when businesses had to shut down, COBRA licensees already had thriving online self-defense training options available.

Sutton says, “When the economy was booming, it was much easier to run a martial arts or self-defense business. The pandemic has exposed the vulnerability of a one-dimensional school with an out-dated curriculum that could only be delivered in person or was hard to make work online. We’ve been successfully teaching self-defense classes online for over a decade.”

A Complete Self-Defense Business

From self-defense home study kits to lesson-by-lesson self-defense classes online, COBRA was positioned to offer training to people and organizations that wanted to learn how to be safe in these turbulent days. COBRA was able to meet the massive surge in demand for safety and self-defense training.

COBRA provides its self-defense business licensees with training to become certified self-defense instructors so they can teach any of the step-by-step self-defense programs to their clients live or online.

The programs include executive self-defense, active shooter response plan, anti-abduction workshops, real estate agent safety, plus anti-bullying and programs for children, teens, adults, and organizations. COBRA licensees can bundle these self-defense classes online with live self-defense training programs for organizations and corporations. These online assets provide licensees with an advantage over other self-defense instructors who can only offer live training. Clients and students can refresh and review what they learned simply by logging into the website, or through the COBRA-Defense app.


Sutton says, “Just watch the news or social media and all you see are riots, screaming and people assaulting other people. We’re proud that we can offer some important training to help them stay safe. Whether it’s in-person or online, we’ve got them covered.”


COBRA-Defense Comprehensive Support System

  • A Complete Self-Defense Business System.
  • Marketing Plans for each program.
  • Step-by-Step Lesson Plans to make teaching easy.
  • Upselling to Add-On Programs to multiply profits.
  • How to Become the Local Media Crime Analysis Expert.
  • Expert Support, Training, and Upgrades.

Bully Response Plan

Law enforcement based program treats bullying like a crime, following proven protocols to build a rock solid legal case against the bully.

Real Estate Safety Training

Meeting strangers in remote locations day in and day out can be a dangerous scenario. Help real estate pros protect themselves.

Protection Specialist Training

COBRA™ was built from real-world police and corrections experience – a perfect fit for security, police and other protection specialists.


Teen & College Safe Training

Youngsters in new situations and new environments. Give them the tools that can save their lives and give their parents peace of mind.

Corporate Self-Defense Training

Help corporate teams learn valuable skills, team-build and more.


5 & 10 Week Academies

The foundation. A law-enforcement-based, reality-based academy focused on neutralizing attackers and abduction prevention.

1 Day Camps for Adults or Kids

An overview, condensed version of our 10 Week Academy. A great intro to COBRA™.

It’s a fact that 80-90% of people would take a self-defense program. Studies over the years from multiple sources state that only 2-3% will train in a martial art.

John Graden, Martial Arts Teachers’ Association