Stop the Threat

Sometimes that is just what it takes. Not just a punch. Not just a kick. Because the aggressor picked the Time, Place and Method of Attack. He won’t stop until you make him stop. Who decides when a conflict is over? Not you. You have to fight one hundred percent from start to finish, until your opponent quits.


How long will that take? You won’t know until it’s over.

It is the equivalent of running a race and no one told you how long the race is supposed to be.

Are you running a 100m dash? Or are you running a 1000 meters or a marathon? You do not know! Not only do you not know, you can’t care. You just have to keep going. You have to be extremely offensive to win in these situations.

That is why when you think about self-defense, you have to include offensive strategy as well. If you are going to keep yourself from getting hit, you also have to be able to deliver enough pain and punishment to another individual or several individuals in order to stop the threat.

Stopping the threat is the only thing that matters. If some guy pulls a knife and he is attempting to stab you, you might have to shoot him. That is stopping the threat. If someone pushes you, one punch might knock him down so you can run. That is offensive tactics and that is stopping the threat.

If someone is threatening you verbally and you walk off and get in your car and drive away, that may be enough. The incident is now over. You stopped the threat. But relying on defensive thinking only is a flawed tactic. There will be situations where you have run out of defensive options and you must be able to think offensively as well.



Psychology of Self Defense

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