The art of staying alive during a knife attack

It is the most common weapon out there. Many criminals carry them. It is cheap and readily available. It is silent, highly effective and does not require any special skills or training to use, just the will to injure or kill.

Here are a few tips to better your chances of staying alive during a knife attack:

TIP 1:

Avoid an attack all together by paying attention to your surroundings. Knife attackers generally need to get close to you to attack and often give away pre-attack indicators like rapid scanning of the area, concealing the hand holding the weapon, closing the distance, trying to grab hold of you etc. Being on your phone ensures that you are distracted and will not see it coming. Put your phone away in a public place!

TIP 2:

When you get that feeling something is wrong or when you spot the pre-attack indicators, keep moving. Distance is your best friend against any contact weapon, so use your footwork to stay as far away as possible. Run if you can. Become a track-star!

TIP 3:

Place physical barriers between you and the attacker. A barrier is anything your threat has to avoid or move around to get to you. This can be done by moving behind a stationary or moving object, such as a park bench or a car, or by physically placing an object between you and the attacker, such as a chair or shopping cart.

TIP 4:

If contact is made, do your best to protect your vital organs and arteries. Keep your hands up and guard your center-line, which encompasses your throat, neck, lungs, heart and arteries. Don’t get fixated on the weapon as it moves at the speed of lighting and you will not be able to catch the hand holding the knife. If possible, anchor the arm/shoulder holding the weapon and simultaneously strike vulnerable areas like the eyes, throat, groin and knees repeatedly, aggressively and with maximum force. The idea is to shut the attacker down as quickly as possible so that he cannot see, breath or move. Get out of there as soon as you can and seek medical attention because you will most likely be cut…if not you will be in shock anyway, so get to medical help.

Fighting against a bad guy holding a knife is one of the scariest and most dangerous attacks you can face. Make sure you get quality training in how to deal with these attacks.

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