What can hurt you?

What can hurt us when it comes to defending ourselves or being attacked? I am going to be very simplistic here. I was once told to stare somebody right in the eyes if you really want to know their intentions. This is all well and good, and this can lead to a lot of different things. Judging body stances, feeling somebody out, and trying to discover truth or deception. But when it comes down to pure self-defence, what hurts us?

Remember what makes an individual dangerous. Number one it is their arms, their hands, their ability to throw objects or strike you or hold you down, or to take your life with their hands. Using a weapon, choking you, whatever the means may be, they use their hands and their arms. Let’s get a visual in our head real quick. If you had an attacker in front of you, and he had no arms whatsoever, what is your state of fear at that point? Could he hurt you? Absolutely. Could he throw a kick, could he hold you down with his legs and bite you? Absolutely. But we are going to say he is going to be ninety percent ineffective with whatever he does. You are going to be able to run. You are going to be able to pretty much dominate this individual because he has no hands, he has no arms. Or say I was to jump into a tank full of great white sharks. First of all, I would be be a moron. Why? Because they have teeth. They have powerful jaws and teeth. What makes a great white dangerous? The fact that he can bite your leg off. Now if we pull all those teeth out, all of them, and then I jump back in the tank, guess what? I would. I would jump in the tank with a great white, because he does not have teeth anymore. What made him dangerous to begin with is no longer there. So when talking to a person, watch their body. I have never been struck by somebody’s eye. An eye has never flown out of somebody’s head and hit me, and until it does, I am not going to lock onto the eyes as though they are going to hurt me. Hands hurt you. Elbows hurt you. Knees hurt you. Weapons hurt you. People blading their body, shifting their weight, bringing their hands above their waist, all these things will hurt you. Somebody’s eyes will not. I cannot be more simplistic than that.