Why real life self-defense is different from sports based martial arts

One thing we always want to be clear on is exactly what is self defense? What is real life, self defense? All too often we can’t even define this! Most people don’t know. You know how a lot of people learn self defense? Through what they see in social media, what they see on TV, what they hear from their friends, or what they view in the backyard.

The UFC or any cage fighting is not real life self defense. Two guys that know they are going to meet each other six months from now in a padded arena with a cage, and they’ve been training for each other. There’s a rule book and a guy standing over him ready to stop the match at a moment’s notice.

Those guys are great athletes. And if you’re going do that stuff, you have to be really good at it. That’s a sport. Boxing,  is a sport. The movies, they can take up to 47 takes to get that fight scene right. In a movie there is a lot of choreographed moves and a lot of different techniques that they can use  to hide flaws. None of that is real. So let’s get that off the table.

What is real life self-defense?

I often ask people do you know the single most valuable tool when it comes to knowing self defense? Do you know the single technique that the bad guy will always own? Every bad guy on the planet earth owns the three part formula for self defense. He owns it, you will never own it. You’ll never get a text, a Facebook message or an email describing it.  

Real life self defense is like nothing we've ever seen as long as you understand what it is.

I can tell you specifically when I was a police officer, I was never tapped out. And what does that mean? That’s not because I’m tough. The bad guy is not a trained UFC fighter. He is not a boxer (for the most part). These are guys that just live in the scourge of society not doing a lot of high level training to go out and rob 7/11 or make you a victim. They’re not going to get you in a fancy armbar they’re just going to try to take your head off. They’re very angry and violent people. We need to know what their formula is. In C.O.B.R.A, we help you understand that.

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