Your single greatest weapon in self-defense

To access your skill, knowledge, decision making ability, and awareness, you absolutely have to have the following: a brain! The good news is, if you’re reading this, you probably have one. Your brain houses all the controls for any and all actions in your life, especially when it comes to survival and self-defense. Without tapping into your mental ability, your physical ability – despite training – is mediocre at best. I hope I’m not overstating the obvious.

I’m trying to shed light on a topic most people ignore. Intense physical self-defense training done without the element of reality leaves most people in better shape, but still unable to adequately defend themselves. Why? They haven’t been introduced to or received education in reality self-defense. Real-life conflicts are nothing like what we see on TV, in sports, or in movies. It’s not even close. The tragedy is, without professional training, this is the only frame of reference most people will ever have.

That’s why reality self-defense training is so important. It links mind and body together, to create maximum effectiveness.

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