Corporate Self-Defense Training & Workshops

Empower your employees with life saving knowledge and skills. They will love you for it!

Our uniquely structured self-defense awareness seminars and practical self-defense training courses will assure you of a lasting impression on your staff, clients and other relevant stakeholders.




Training Options:

Option 1: Corporate Self-Defense Awareness Seminar (1-Hour)

    • What is self-defense
    • Common myths people believe
    • The four categories of attackers and how they select their victims
    • The three aspects criminal attackers always control
    • How to stay safe without engaging in physical confrontation
    • The weak points of all criminal attackers and how to use that to your advantage
    • How to recognize the pre-attack indicators and what to do about it
    • Understanding when to fight, comply or escape
    • How to use everyday items as improvised weapons

    Option 2: Corporate Self-Defense Practical Workshop (3-Hours)

    • Full contents of  the Self-Defense Awareness Seminar
    • How to stand, move and vocalize when confronted
    • Understanding which vulnerable areas to strike to injure an attacker
    • Effective deadly force strikes anyone can do
    • How to defend against strikes and kicks
    • What to do when confronted with weapons
    • How to escape common chokes and holds
    • How to react when faced with a hijacking situation
    • How to avoid being kidnapped


    This is what some of our corporate clients have to say about our training:

    Elise Stone, Area Manager Free State and N Cape, AVIS BUDGET RENT A CAR, Bloemfontein

    I just wanted to say a huge big thank you for taking the time to come and see us today.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and it was extremely informative. We look forward to doing something similar in the future. Much appreciated.”

    Buntu Magobiyana, Social Development Co-ordinator: Biodiversity Social Projects, South African National Parks, George 

    “Thank you for a wonderful training session and for making such a serious subject a lot of fun. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”

    Adv Karen Pillay, Senior Manager (Security Solutions- Physical) ESKOM, Johannesburg

    “Thank you once again for making time available to showcase the COBRA self- defence programme. It was a professional and highly enjoyable demo.”

     Michelle Schmidt, Area Manager, Medical Nutritional Institute, Pretoria

    “We had a lovely time. Our CEO was very impressed with you and your team. Thank you again.”

     Anita Pretorius-Booysen, PAREXEL, Bloemfontein

    “Thank you Leon & Yolanda, PAREXEL staff enjoyed the sessions a lot! I think this will be the main topic of all conversations for a long time.”

    Marie Dumas Jennings, Centurion Eye Hospital, Pretoria

    “Thank you so much for the self-defense training today at Centurion Eye Hospital. It was a big eye opener.”


    As the leading global self-defense brand, we have successfully rendered training services to large corporate brands in all types of industries ranging from mining companies to cruise ships. Our client list include:



    Training can be presented anywhere in the world.

    Major South African Metropolitan Areas we serve include:

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