Jumping out of an aeroplane with the cheapest parachute

Imagine a criminal is holding you at gunpoint, attempted to abduct your child or broke into your home while you slept. What would you pay for him to go away?  What could you do to make the criminal go away? Imagine you or a loved one became the victim of a brutal violent crime. What would you be prepared to pay to prevent it from happening again?

If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you will be prepared to pay ANY AMOUNT. That is just how we as humans are wired. After an incident happened or while it is in progress, is the precise time when we realize that money is not the object. We are then suddenly willing to pay as much as it takes. Only problem is that when it is happening or when it has happened it is too late. No amount of money can then undo the damage.

When selecting a self-defense training course the average person will first look at cost. This could be a fatal mistake. When picking a Self-Defense Program, Choose Quality and Professionalism over everything else. If you were going to jump out of an airplane, would you want the free parachute or the top of the line? While we would never discourage you from learning, generally you get what you pay for. Cheap is Cheap for a Reason.



When selecting a self-defense training provider, the following should be considered to evaluate the value of the training against the cost of the training:

1.Does the program come from real life training and experience in a field that deals with violence and criminals? This excludes sports, theory-based self defense, power point training and is, by nature, more than knowing how to kick and punch. You want the self-defense programs primary training focus to be defending and dealing with violence from a criminal.

2.Where are the instructors getting their lesson plans? This is very important. Many programs do not have a structured and organized written curriculum. It’s the equivalent to attending school and your teacher scribbles out the lesson plan on the same day.

3.Do students get a training manual? A step by step manual is a valuable learning tool, especially when learning self-defense.

4.Does the program and do the instructors operate from a single and organized source or is everyone flying solo? It’s not difficult to obtain a certification in something, however after that, what is in place that maintains quality control, consistency, and professionalism? Checks and balances are very important.

5.Does the program have specific training for what they are advertising that they teach? If your child needs training to deal with a bully, the program you pick should have legitimate experience and training in this area. This should be across that board. Whether it’s a corporation or training teens, ask how and what are your qualifications to teach that market.

6.Can I verify with the affiliate company you are with that you are in good standing? This is if they are part of and receive their training from an affiliate organization. If they are a stand-alone system, ask if they have company or client references that you can verify. Social proof is very important, especially when it involves training that needs to work in real life.

7.Is this program a brand or a single location? This is important especially when it comes to creating and developing a consistent, organized and professional end product. Brands of all types are widely preferred by the market over a small mom-and-pop type of service.The market desires a refined and proven product and that’s what a brand name brings. They also feel more comfortable spending money with an established brand that they can do research on. Examples: Amazon, Starbucks & NFL.

8.How long has the program been around? Anyone can open a business. Staying in business is where the real work begins. A long-established business usually (but not always) indicates that the company is successful, professional, and offering a great product. You do not want them to go out of business before your membership runs out.

9.If you are a company/business/corporation and are looking for a self-defense trainer, ask how many companies has the program trained? Both large and small. A professional and legitimate self-defense company who has specific training for specific businesses should be able to provide an extensive client list.

10.Where do you and your instructors get on-going training? When you get a certification to teach self-defense, you are letting everyone know that you offer realistic self-defense training that could save someone’s life in the real world. It is critical for a self-defense professional to keep their training up to date. Physical techniques are a perishable skill and knowledge of how criminals operate is always changing. Manuals, videos, consultations and in person physical training are all great ways to stay up to speed on reality self-defense training if you are and instructor. Keep This in Mind. One of the most important, if not the most important skill a person could possess is the ability to stay safe and stop a violent threat. This has nothing to do with a sport, winning a trophy or title belt. Watching YouTube videos or adopting ideas from hearsay, example “I will put my keys between my fingers and hit him in the eye” just won’t cut it. Cell phone safety Apps, pepper spray and many other commonly used crutches are used so people can avoid committing to physically training.

Your safety and safety of your family is the most important thing in the world. Ask the hard questions, do your research and be sure that the self-defense company you pick for your training is legitimately qualified to teach reality self-defense.

COBRA-Defense was developed from REAL Law Enforcement training and field experience. COBRA is a GLOBAL Self-Defense brand with locations worldwide.

Depending on the class you’re interested in, our programs range from R 399-R 599 per month per group class to R 1 200 per person  for a 1 Day Course. Our 10 Week Self Defense Academies are typically R 5 500.00 for 20 hours over 10 weeks. Private lessons  and corporate training are available at competitive rates.

As certified COBRA Self Defense instructors, we are professionals and have been training people as a fulltime profession since 2002 and we are confident that you will receive the best value for your money with us.

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