Next C.O.B.R.A. Fighting Systems Beginners Class Starts 05 May 2018 in Bloemfontein!

Many of our 1 Day Survival Camp, 5 Week Self-Defense Academy and 10 Week Self-Defense Academy graduates ask us what training they can do after graduating and we also regularly receive calls from people looking for weekly self- defense classes. Well, I am super excited to announce that our next COBRA Fighting Systems Beginners Class will start on 05 May 2018 in Bloemfontein!


Fighting Systems Class on deck in Bloemfontein!


Fighting Systems follows the same core curriculum and scenario based training methodology as our shorter courses but allow you to attend weekly classes on an ongoing basis!  Not only can you now continue your training and improve your skills and fitness levels, but you can also advance through various levels based on your class attendance. You will earn credits for all COBRA courses you have previously attended as well as for your weekly Fighting Systems class attendance. Once you reach the required number of credits, you can advance to the next level until you eventually reach black belt level. Yes YOU can be a black belt! But do not let the word Black Belt scare you! This is not traditional martial arts or MMA.  There are no competitions, no martial arts suits (just a nicely branded t-shirt with rank arm band) no katas, no foreign traditions and no egos, just reality based self-defense training combined with our exciting scenario training and combat fitness conditioning! The training is suitable for ages 12 years and up and for all genders and all fitness levels. You do not need to be a super fit muscular professional fighter to do Fighting Systems! You are also not required to do any sparring until you reach green belt level. From green belt level you may attend optional sparring classes, but only if you wish to do so! If you do attend these optional classes you will earn additional credits towards your next rank. From time to time we will also offer special additional classes with a special topic related to self-defense and for those special classes you can also earn additional credits towards your next belt. Standard Fighting Systems classes are 1 hour in duration.



Our latest Yellow Belts!


To sign-up call us on Cell 082 299 9117 or drop us an e-mail: