The world is turning back to normal and so is violent crime

Slowly but surely the world is getting back to normal. Businesses are reopening  and many people return to work. What was the effect of the lockdown on violent crime and how will the situation look after the lockdown is lifted?

In a recent article published on IOL by Sisonke Mlamla, South Afican crime statistics  significantly decreased during the national lockdown compared to the same period last year:

  • Murder cases dropped from 1 542 to 432 showing a decrease of 1 110. 
  • Rape cases dropped from 2 908 to 371, showing 87,2% decrease (2 537 decrease), 
  • Attempted murder decreased from 1 300 to 443, showing 65,9% decrease (857 decrease), 
  • Assault GBH decreasing from 11 876 to 1 758, showing 85,2% decrease (10 118 decrease), 
  • Robbery with aggravating circumstances decrease from 6 654 to 2 022, showing 69,6% decrease (4 632 decrease).
  • Carjacking dropped from 1 146 to 219, showing 80,9% decrease (927 decrease)
  • Robbery at non-residential premises decreased from 1 345 to 464, showing 65,5% (881 decrease), 
  • Robbery at residential premises decreased from 1 437 to 664, showing 53,8% decrease (773 decrease).

Lockdown relaxed, violent crime starting to increase

As the country started to relax the lockdown, there was a corresponding increase in violent crime and it continues to increase on a daily basis. On 09 June 2020, Times Live reported that murder cases surged after the alcohol ban was lifted. The first day after the lift, 40 murders were reported, the next day 51 and the next day 69 murders were reported. Shamila Batohi, the National Director of Public Prosecutions, recently told Parliament she expected to see an increase in poverty-related crimes such as theft, robbery and housebreaking.

Possibility that violent crime stats may be higher than previously

The lockdown had a devastating effect on the economy. Many businesses were forced to close their doors. Many of the businesses that survived the devastating effects of the lockdown barely survived. There is a real possibility that many may still shut down in future. Thousands of people received retrenchment notices or had to take salary cuts. The country already had a staggering unemployment rate before the lockdown. Recently, Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, briefed the National Council of Provinces and predicted a 50% unemployment rate. The Correctional Services Department recently released 2280 prisoners on parole with a further 19 000 due to be released soon. 

This creates the ideal environment for an increase in violent crime. To add fuel to the  fire, the South African Government and organizations like Gunfree South Africa are on a mission to try and prevent ordinary citizens from owning fire-arms for self-defense purposes.

What are your options?

Basically it boils down to three things:

Option A: Do nothing and rely on government/police to protect you against violent crime. Success Rate:  Low.

Option B: Hire private security to protect you at huge cost and improve physical security at home. Success Rate: Medium

Option C: Get trained in how to realistically protect yourself against violent crime. Impove you overall physical security at home. Success Rate: High.

It is important to note that over-reliance on only one protective measure is a flawed strategy. Many people believe that if they own a gun and completed basic competency training, that they will be able to protect themselves. The reality is very different. Adrenalin dump causes most people to mentally and physically shut down duing an attack, rendering their weapon useless. The same applies to learning a self-defense skill but not training to apply those skills in real-life scenarios. 

When seeking a quality self-defense training course, ensure that it include reality-based scenario training in their curriculum. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a self defense program: 

A Police Academy for Civilians

C.O.B.R.A. Self-Defense offers premium self-defense training to everyone. The training comes from law enforcement training and is based on extensive experience gained with violent criminals. Developed by a former Street Cop, Sheriff and Maximum Security Corrections Officer, C.O.B.R.A. is the fastest, safest and easiest way to learn how to realistically protect yourself. You will learn the three part secret formula criminals always control,  the 3-step process to avoid becoming a target and you will learn how to effectively defend yourself against a variety of unarmed and armed attacks. Scenario training forms a key component of C.O.B.R.A. training. The scenario training is safe and everyone can do it. Criminals rely on easy opportunity. They seek out people whom they think they can easily overpower. It is for that very reason we made our training accessible to everyone, no matter how old, unfit  or unathletic you may be. Anyone can do C.O.B.R.A. 

We offer various training options ranging from 1-Day Courses to 10-Week Academies and Ongoing Training in a safe training environment. As part of a global brand, you can rest assured that you are receiving top notch training.

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