You will fight the way you train, or will you?

You have probably heard this saying many times: “You will fight the way you train”.  This may be true to some extent… but not always.

When you get into a real violent confrontation (fight), you will most likely respond with this strange mixture of the way you trained, your ethics, your instincts and your emotions  all competing with each other at the same time. Under attack, you will not have the mind or the body  that you have trained in the dojo/studio. Due to adrenalin dump you will be partly blind, partly deaf, quite clumsy and not that rationally thinking as you would like to be.

If your training resembled a similar situation than the attack you are facing and you have done it a couple of times in variable conditions, places, times and against multiple partners, you have a greater chance that your  brain will kick in and that you will actually fight the way you have trained.  Your physical techniques may kick in if you built enough muscle memory. If your training  emphasized that all techniques work every time, guess what, this will be the worst time to find out whether that is true or not. From experience I can tell you that no technique works every time. There is just to many variables involved. If your training focussed on getting you to  do what you have to do  untill the threat is stopped, you have a chance.

When training for reality you have to simulate conditions which may be in force when you are attacked. Remember, criminal predators always seek the easiest opportunity. They also always control the time, place and method of the attack. This means that they are actively looking for situations/opportunities where they have the best chance to succeed.  Think about where you would ambush/attack another person if you had to. Identify those situations, places, times, conditions and and then train in similar circumstances. This way you will quickly learn what works and what not, what can be modified to work and what not.

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