Criminal Intent

Criminal Intent is defined as the criminal thought process and motives pertaining to crime and violence.

  • The majority of criminals do not look the part. They look like everyone else.
  • Bad guys prey on what they perceive as “weak targets.”
  • Criminals are extremely lazy and will not work hard at committing a crime.
  • The easiest, fastest, and least challenging way is what a bad guy looks for.
  • The majority of bad guys flee or give up at the first hint of trouble or resistance.
  • Criminals do not expect any resistance from a victim because they rely on fear to get the job done.
  • Most bad guys have extremely poor plans and usually have no back up plans.
  • Criminals can be thrown out of sync very easily because they expect little to no resistance.
  • Many of your everyday actions will determine whether or not you will become a target.
  • Only 5% of the population commits the majority of all crimes.
  • If you are perceived as strong and confident and APPEAR to be a challenge, your chances of becoming a victim decrease dramatically.
  • At one point in your life you probably have been the target of a crime and did not even know it. The smallest actions you took prevented a bad guy from carrying out his plans.